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Our milestones reflect technical innovations and their application for the specific demand of our customers. The brief chronicle starts with our latest equipment and will lead you, top down, to the beginnings of ISDN in the early nineties.




HERMES-PRO/P3: multicore and open architecture

This ISDN router operates two or four primary-rate interfaces with up to 120 B-channels. It provides two ethernet ports 10/100/1G, comes with a 400 MHz PowerPC and 64 MB flash ROM - for no more than 7 Watt. Check the rest: HERMES-PRO/P2...

HERMES-PRI/PCIX: Power for the PRI
The tuned-up version of our primary-rate adapter offers attractive details: communication on up to 120 B-channels, a PCI and PCIX-bus interface, a 400 MHz processor... but find out even more!  HERMES-PRI/PCIX and -DSP3...

40 Mbit/s is simply routine for our new ISDN/xDSL router. The ´secret´ inside: a very fast processor and two Ethernet interfaces. One for the WAN and the other interface with an integrated switch with five 10/100 Mbit LAN ports. Get the details of HERMES-PRO/X...

VPN: Safe and saving

IPSec-based virtual private networking (VPN) with dynDNS support.
Start your own safe and cost-efficient private networks via the internet.

The router is small, fast and simply perfect for handling the 30 B-channels of the primary-rate interface. Learn more about HERMES-PRO/P1

Minimized for Maximum Demand: HERMES-PRO/S
We reduce the number of internal ports from seven to six. But instead of switching-hubs you get a genuine switch. Another extra of HERMES-PRO/S is its integrated ADSL modem.

Open Source ...
is a major topic and also on our agenda. We finish the century with our complete line - from 2 to 60 channels - ready to support Linux.

The new standalone-router HERMES-PRO offers a cost-optimized LAN/WAN connection for the basic-rate interface and makes you independent of proprietary operating systems. It comes with an 8-port hub for 10/100 MB Ethernet and integrates firewall-functionality as well as remote-CAPI.

GSM Transportation Control System
HERMES-PRI/PCI plays a major role in the telematic-model Euroradio of the railway supplier Bahnverkehrstechnik. The reliable high-end adapter card connects the control center with the GSM-R base station.

All inclusive: Fax- and Mailserver
Send and receive faxes, mails, mixed or combined? Nothing easier than that with HERMES-PRI/PCI. The service providers among our customers welcome the talented allrounder on 60 channels.

Fast WAN-Connection for LANs: Routing-Software
In combination with the routing-software HERMES-IP Unix-servers become a central communication platform for LANs and remote workstations. The results are an efficient use of available ISDN channels and a minimized security risk thanks to the software's firewall-functionality.

30 Channels for 50.000 Users

1996 is the production start for the primary-rate (PMX) adapter HERMES-PRI/MC. Its performance and reliability make it a perfect candidate for the gateways of the German tax consultants´ association DATEV. Since the middle of 1996 more than 50.000 tax consultants communicate via HERMES-PRI with the central processing department in Nuremberg.

Another first on our list is the extension card HERMES-DSP for fax-communication on 30 channels.

DSP-Technology for Analog Transmission
This feature is an absolute novelty in the market of ISDN adapter cards. It scales up transmission rates and enables the support of additional modem-standards by a simple upgrade. In combination with the resulting cost efficiency HERMES adapter cards are an altogether convincing investment in the long run.

Business Solution
HERMES-S0/PC and its successor HERMES-S0/16 mark the start of a promising cooperation between MULTIDATA and the leading system integrators of the German pharmaceutical trade. Flexibility, specific transmission protocols and a growing number of driver software packages make it an ideal medium for order processing between drugstores and wholesalers.

Many Options - One Choice
HERMES-S0/PC is one of the first active adapter cards at the very beginning of ISDN communication. The dualism of analog and digital transmission is not a communication obstacle. The adapter is a crafty hybrid. It integrates both features as well as a CAPI interface, and lays the basis for MULTIDATA´s successful HERMES-line.