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HERMES: Communication Unlimited
HERMES is a symbol for excellent communication and namesake to our equally excellent connectivity products. The modular design of hardware and software offers the key to a wide range of individual solutions, tailored to match your present and future demand.

HERMES-PRO: LAN/WAN Routers for the basic-rate and the primary-rate interface

HERMES-PRO is a family of standalone-routers for cost-optimized, safe LAN/WAN communication. Their VPN-functionality opens the option to communicate safely via the internet. The integrated CAPI server provides CAPI services for all users in the LAN.

ISDN/ADSL routers for the basic-rate interface

HERMES-PRO/X+ : VPN-Router, IP-Gateway with 4 Ethernet
interfaces for LAN, DMZ and two WAN-interfaces with Failoverfunction,

ISDN routers for the primary-rate interface

HERMES-PRO/P2 : High performer, low consumption!
ISDN/IP-router supporting two primary rate interfaces and two 10/100/1G ethernet ports.

HERMES-PRO/P3X : Highest performace, low consuption!
ISDN/SIP-gateway and ISDN/IP-router, 4 primary rate interfaces and 3 10/100/1G ethernet ports.