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Routing-Software HERMES-IP

Global Connections via ISDN

HERMES-IP makes Unix-based systems fully efficient and flexible IP-routers. It provides shared LAN-LAN connections and links remote workgroups or individual users to the company network through high-speed ISDN connections. It can be used in combination with all HERMES adapter cards for the basic-rate and the primary-rate interface. Driver software for UnixWare, SCO UNIX and AIX make your system a universal communication platform for CAPI applications. The integrated firewall-functionality protects your LAN against unauthorized access.

IP Routing

During multisession-operation all TCP/IP-based services are available in transparent mode for any number of users through one or several ISDN channels. Routing-tables allow an unlimited number assignment. The application of PPP makes HERMES-IP an open system, ready to cooperate with routers of any other manufacturer. The intelligent management of channel capacities, i.e. short-hold-mode, data compression and dynamic bandwidth management, is a guaranty for economic efficiency.


Number checks and the CHAP-protocol will protect your system against unauthorized access. The packet filtering under TCP/IP-services is further enhancing security and firewall-functionality. The accounting mechanism provides a status control of ISDN channels. Control and interruption of current TCP-connections are possible at any time.