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High-End Solution for the Primary-Rate Interface

HERMES-PRI/PCIX for the PCIX-bus and for the PCI-bus is made for maximum demand in data communication at the primary-rate interface. The parallel operation of digital and analog connections as well as the support of GSM on up to 120 B-channels make it ideal for use in file- and fax-servers, in gateways and data concentrators.

With its powerful 400 MHz processor and 64 MB onboard resources HERMES-PRI/PCIX provides a solid basis for universal communication purposes.

Combined with the extension-card HERMES-DSP3 enables fax communication on up to 60 channels simultaneously.
ISDN adapter card HERMES-PRI/PCIX for the primary-rate interface (PRI)    

HERMES-PRI/PCIX with extension card HERMES-DSP3



Data Communication

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