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High Performance - Minimum Consumption

HERMES-PRO/P3X is an optimum solution for the following applications:

As an ISDN/SIP gateway it allows you to use the existing ISDN-infrastructure consisting of terminal equipment and PBX in the VoIP-world. Furthermore, it can be applied as a fax-gateway supporting the T.38 protocol.

As an IP/ISDN-Router with VPN-support it enables you to build up company-wide networks, integrate remote sites, and support roadwarrior configurations.

Its internal Remote-CAPI Server provides for service applications as fax communication or file transfer for all users in the LAN.
HERMES-PRO/P3X can also be used in the GSM-R and ETCS-infrastructure because it also supports the ISDN V.110 protocol.

The comfortable user-interface (web browser) makes installation and configuration of the router fast and easy.

A bundle of security features protects your network against unauthorized access: the authentication protocols PAP and CHAP and the integrated firewall-functionality. Filter functions based on caller-ID, on TCP- and UDP-ports check all incoming and outgoing data packets. The accounting mechanism provides detailed reports and control of all active connections.

Technical Data