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Gain and maintain a competitive edge
Efficiency makes the difference. Especially in markets advancing at a rapid pace as the telecommunications sector. Cooperation is a way to share resources, shorten the product cycle from planning to manufacturing, and significantly reduce the time to revenue.
An engineering and project partnership with MULTIDATA will give you the flexibility to
focus more of your valuable capacities on your core business and thus enlarge your competitive advantage.

Our portfolio: Standardized and Custom-Engineered Solutions
Our realm is the field of remote access and LAN/WAN connectivity. Equipped with a solid reserve of knowledge we appreciate challenges to our know-how. Our approach is both practical and inventive.

We anticipate trends, select and integrate innovative components, and mold them into cost-optimized solutions tailored to your and your customers´ demand. Our portfolio is completed by highly efficient, well-proven ISDN-components and protocol stacks.
A thorough and methodical approach is our hallmark in any kind of engineering or project partnership. From analysis to documentation and implementation. Before, during and after sale.

We are looking forward to hear of you.