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Good News For Better Connections!

Better Connections...
has been our key slogan since the beginning of the nineties. MULTIDATA is a manufacturer and supplier of LAN/WAN networking and remote access equipment: components, devices, hard- and software modules and embedded systems.

Optimizer and Integrator
Where ever you want to go ... whether you aim at a standardized or an individual solution, you intend an upgrade or aim at a new strategy. We bridge the gap between analog and digital transmission, between ATM, xDSL, GSM and Fast Ethernet. The field of operating and bus systems is for us equally familiar as the range of transmission technologies and security protocols.

Developer and Manufacturer
With comprehensive knowledge in hardware and software we provide a solid basis for virtual worlds. We continuously strive for expert solutions with extensive functionality. Our experience is your advantage: from design to production, from feasibility study to implementation in complex surroundings and heavy-duty corporate networks.

With our product portfolio we won the loyalty of customers in the German pharmaceutical trade as well as of the German tax consultants´ association DATEV. It includes active ISDN adapter cards for the basic-rate and the primary-rate interface and ISDN/xDSL routers.

Our approach is definitely practical-minded and aims at specifying, engineering, manufacturing and integrating the products that fit your unique need. Together with competent advice we provide support before, during and after sale. Our goal is to meet your expectations and provide you with long-term solutions combining latest technology with economic efficiency.