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17. Dez 2010

HERMES-PRO/P2 in the function of an ISDN/V.110-Gateway in the ETCS-Technology

HERMES-PRO/P2 acts as a gateway in the GSM-R based European Train Control System (ETCS). The router is a link between the radio block center and the mobile switching center. ETCS is a technology optimizing resources in the railway infrastructure, minimizing energy-consumption and hazards and thus is another significant step on the road to eco-friendly transportation.

An open compact and reliable platform
In the ETCS signaling technology of THALES the router HERMES-PRO/P2 is connecting the radio block center (RBC) with the GSM-R Base Transceiver Station (BTS) via the ISDN primary-rate interface. Thanks to its open and efficient architecture, THALES was able to integrate functions of the radio communication server into the router HERMES-PRO/P2.

The new system is also highly efficient regarding space and energy consumption. With a power consumption of less than 10 W and its 19´´rack-size HERMES-PRO/P2 perfectly fits into an existing system.

HERMES-PRO/P2 is able to control communication on up to 120 ISDN B-channels simultaneously. It is an ideal concentrator solution for connecting remote sites with a central processing unit. The router is a well-proven solution in applications with high demand on safety, on 24/7 availability and on performance.

THALES Transportation Systems GmbH is a subsidiary of the THALES Group. A major focus lies on public transportation, where the company is developing automation and security solutions for railways. Within its  ETCS signaling technology line THALES has opted for HERMES-PRO/P2 in the radio block centers.

MULTIDATA GmbH has been a well-known developer and manufacturer of software and hardware for data communication since the beginning of the 90ies. The open architecture of the company´s product portfolio is designed for custom-made and scalable applications.
The HERMES product line offers reliable and flexible solutions for individual demand, for example in the form of ISDN/xDSL/VPN routers in pharmacies, in the pharmaceutical trade, in train control systems or for the German tax consultants´ association DATEV.