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Development Hardware and Software

Our Focus: Network Communication
The term network communication summarizes what we deal with: solutions for intranets, extranets and VPNs in form of hardware- and software modules, of components, devices or embedded systems. We bridge the gaps between transmissions technologies, solve questions of different standards, operating systems and protocols, modify interfaces - or simply supply the missing links.

Competence for Integration
We are definitely keen on the hottest, most daring and ambitious solution. Who is not?
Normal life is less ground-breaking and calls for upgrades and updates to obtain compatibility with new standards and to open the door to next-generation technologies. In any case you can count on our expertise and experience in hardware and software. Just the kind of know-how necessary to supply practical-minded, cost-efficient solutions considering present and future aspects and aiming at the complete integration of all components.

Our Approach: Structured, Transparent, Efficient
Clearly structured projects with transparent processes improve coordination and cooperation. Involving the phases analysis, specification, design, documentation, implementation and support they accelerate decisions and result in a better cost- and quality control. Efficiency is our guideline in all stages of planning and realization: as comprehensive as possible and as complex as necessary.

Long-Term Investment
Whether standard product or custom-design, we strive for open solutions designed to match today's requirements, growing with your demand and leaving you a maximum of options in the future