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Talented Allrounders for your IP-Communication

The IP routers HERMES-PRO are flexible remote-access solutions for small and medium companies. HERMES-PRO/X+ offers access to the Internet via ISDN, via cable modems (IP gateway), and via PPPoE with external xDLS modems. Its comfortable user-interface (web browser) makes installation and configuration fast and easy.

HERMES-PRO/X+ comes with four Ethernet interfaces: one interface for the internal LAN, one for the DMZ and two WAN interfaces. The second WAN interface can be configured as an alternative Internet connection. It is automatically activated if the Internet connection through the first WAN interface fails (failover, backup).

A failure of the primary Internet connection is detected by link status messages of xDSL connections and also by periodic requests (Ping) to a configurable internet node. A failsafe Internet connection is a prerequisite for business-critical applications with a demand for high-availability.

The router´s integrated USB port can be used for configuration, tracing, security and updates. The high-performance architecture achieves data transmission rates in the WAN of over 100 Mbit/s.

The remote CAPI server makes ISDN service applications available for all users in the LAN, e.g.  fax communication, remote access, or file transfer.

A bundle of security features protects your network against unauthorized access: the authentication protocols PAP and CHAP, and call-back routines. The integrated firewall screens all incoming and outgoing data packets, based on checks of caller-ID, TCP- and UDP-ports.  An accounting mechanism provides detailed reports and ensures the monitoring of all active connections.

HERMES-PRO/X+ provides for safe internet communication via IPSec-based virtual private networking (VPN). IPSec ensures the authentication of communication partners, a strong encryption and the integrity of data.

HERMPES-PRO/X+ supports dynamic IP numbers in combination with dynDNS and thus allows cost-optimized wide-area networking. The router´s VPN configuration is simple and communication with other manufacturers´ devices is excellent (interoperability).