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High Performance - Minimum Consumption

The IP-Router HERMES-PRO/P2 is a flexible remote-access networking solution. It offers the opportunity to receive and transmit data on up to 120 B-channels of two or four ISDN primary-rate interfaces simultaneously.
HERMES-PRO/P2 is designed for users with high demand in communication capacity. For example at central data processing facilities in WANs, for LAN interconnection, for the integration of remote sites or representatives who can exchange data even via GSM.

Service applications as fax communication or file transfer are available for all users by the remote CAPI server. The comfortable user-interface (web browser) makes installation and configuration of the router fast and easy.

A bundle of security features protects your network against unauthorized access: the authentication protocols PAP and CHAP, call-back routines and the integrated firewall-functionality. Filter functions based on caller-ID, on TCP- and UDP-ports check all incoming and outgoing data packets. The accounting mechanism provides detailed reports and control of all active connections.

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